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Thursday DBR: All the Lady Bears Do is Win

Pretty much. After handing out another thrashing, it doesn't look like anyone can take the title (or a deep tournament run, for that matter) out of the hands of Odyssey Sims and Friends.

Kim Mulkey: Photobomber
Kim Mulkey: Photobomber
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Things are going extraordinarily well in the Baylor Athletic Department right now. Women's Basketball is on a roll, Men's Basketball is showing signs of a late-season comeback, and softball carries an 8-2 record. All of the other in-season sports are putting up respectable records, and all appears to be going well on the recruiting front for football. We have plenty to be excited about.

In-Season News: MBB, WBB, Baseball, Softball

The Lady Bears continue their absolute rout of the Big 12 with an 89-51 victory over Iowa State, making their loss to Kansas earlier in conference play even more inexplicable. I'm not a stat junkie when it comes to WBB, but right now I can't imagine a single player being more dominant than Odyssey Sims. The woman is a scoring machine and an incredible leader on the court. The Lady Bears are back in action on Saturday at 11:00 A.M. versus TCU in Fort Worth. If you're in the metroplex, try to catch the game.

Scott Drew and his ragtag band of dunk-happy misfits take on West Virginia in Morgantown on Saturday at 12:30. The Mountaineers have been a huge surprise in conference play and a win for the Bears would be huge for their tournament hopes. If the big men play the way they did in the second half versus Oklahoma State and Kenny Chery continues to show promise at guard, you can expect a good one.

Baseball put out their 2014 television schedule. They will appear on television 15 times during the season, mostly on Fox and ESPN affiliates. If you can't make it to Waco for a game (which I advise, given the weather here recently) then tune in and enjoy a relaxing afternoon at the ballpark from the comfort of your sofa. The Bears return to the diamond on Friday against Austin Peay at 6:35.

Softball carries their 8-2 record into the Mary Nutter Collegiate Classic in Palm Springs, California. They will face rigorous competition in five days over the weekend, including Stanford, Mizzou, Cal, Cal-State Fullerton, and Northwestern. This gauntlet will be a real test for the 15th-ranked Lady Bears.

Offseason News: Football

Art Briles, or at least the person who runs his account, is the swaggiest person west of the Brazos. The NFL Combine is coming up this weekend, and Baylor players got six invites. Demetri Goodson, Lache Seastrunk, Cyril Richardson, Jordan Najvar, Tevin Reese, and Ahmad Dixon will be representing Baylor at the event. They make up the largest single-school delegation in the conference and could lend massive prestige to the program if they all go in the draft. The Houston Chronicle dropped a cool story on Goodson's preparation for the combine. Goodson is the player on the list who most surprised me with his combine invite, while other players like Chris McAllister and (admittedly undersized) Eddie Lackey were left out. Here's to hoping that all the guys have a great day and find a home in the pros!

The Best of the Rest

Building the best in the nation seems to be a trend with recent Baylor campus development projects. Props to Ian McCaw for bringing track back to campus along with football. Now if we can only get the Brazos to look that blue...

You just read that tweet. If the first thought that popped into your head wasn't, "How can we ruin this?" then you're on the wrong blog. Fortunately, Women's Tennis is here to do just that, taking on No. 10 Texas A&M at 4:00 this afternoon in College Station. A win would knock the (Lady?) Aggies out of the top ten, something almost everyone can get behind.


The Olympics are that one time every four years when nations can assert their physical dominance without having to go to war. Wins over historical international rivals (see: Russia, China, Not America) are rewarding, but nothing is as delicious as beating the Canadians at their favorite game. It' also extremely satisfying to watch Russia lose to the likes of Finland. The semifinal games will happen on Friday, and will offer no shortage of entertainment. Here's some of the best from the past day's action:

They Are Winter: The high anxiety of the Canadian Olympic hockey fan -
^Awesome read. Check it out. Long form pieces on SB Nation are some of the finest on the web.

I feel no pity for the Russians... but this hurts. Someone give this cuddly fellow to a girl for Valentine's Day next year. He needs love.

The Mothership really has had the most entertaining account on Twitter since the games began.

Speaking of Canadians, there are two of them on our basketball team. Thank goodness Kenny and Brady decided to come to an American city where they won't be in any danger if Team USA loses to the Great White North.