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Thursday Daily Bears Report: Brady Heslip, Destroyer of Worlds

Read the title, consider how ridiculous the idea sounds, then accept that it is reality in the 2014 Baylor basketball season.

Brady Heslip divulges details of his evil plan to Isaiah Austin as roughly six fans look on.
Brady Heslip divulges details of his evil plan to Isaiah Austin as roughly six fans look on.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

As the Olympics grind on and your favorite morning blogger falls further down the rabbit hole of school and myriad extracurricular commitments, the world of Baylor sports keeps turning.

In Season News: Men's and Women's Basketball

I'm writing this DBR in Penland dining hall in the middle of the night. Upon seeing the title of this piece, a friend of mine told me that Brady Heslip coached an intramural basketball team this year, and he only allowed his players to shoot from beyond the three point line. I can't confirm the story, nor can I confirm the rumor that this team crushed nearly all of its opponents by 20 points or more. I can, however, add this to the Legend of Brady Heslip that will no doubt be told for years to come. There is also a curiously high number of strange moments where Heslip becomes Baylor's best transition defender and comes up with ridiculous steals from "superior" athletes.

Last night Brady Heslip finished shooting 8-of-12 from beyond the line, far better than pretty much everyone else on the court could shoot from any distance. It is time for us to accept that Brady Heslip has come to conquer us. I, for one, welcome our pointsplosive Canadian overlord.

Oh, you can also read our official post-game report from last night's 91-58 whupping of the Horned Frogs. I dare not offer too much analysis since I have been unable to watch and will continue to be unavailable to watch Baylor Basketball for the next few weeks.

Men's Hoops Cruises to Victory at TCU, 91-58 - Baylor Bears Official Athletic Site -

It was also a good night for the Lady Bears, who picked up a 17-point road victory over Texas Tech. I'm really ready to see this team in tournament play. You probably knew this, but Odyssey Sims is ridiculous. She put up her eleventh 30+ point game of the season against the Lady Raiders, and hasn't shown any signs of slowing down soon.

No. 7 WBB Handles Texas Tech, 75-58 - Baylor Bears Official Athletic Site -

Off-Season News: Football and Baseball

My favorite news pertaining to Baylor football at the moment comes from Full Speed Friday. It's great to see Kaz's victims perfecting their art and growing as athletes, so hopefully we'll have a slew of new personal records to post tomorrow.

I'm not sure about the ethics of when it's okay to begin discussing news broken on a paid site, so I'll refrain from directly mentioning some exciting things I've heard about the future of Baylor football in this DBR. I highly recommend subscribing to one of Baylor's paid recruiting sites if you're an avid follower of recruiting and can afford it.

I'm so ready.

On Friday, baseball will be moved to the in-season category. As for right now, catch up on your reading before the big day tomorrow with Miles' first and second team previews. A third is set to drop, but I'm not sure exactly when. You can also check out the official Baylor release here! The university's report includes all the times, dates, and media information you can ask for. Sadly, unless you have the Pac-12 Network, you won't be able to watch the game live, but you can easily find it on the radio.

I've never followed Baylor baseball in the past, but I got into the sport last year before I graduated high school, and I plan on being a big fan during the coming season.

For the nostalgic among us - Floyd Casey Stadium is finally on campus in some form.

More Sports!

Actually, a scan of official Baylor channels shows no breaking news in any of our other official sports. That's a bit disappointing, but it represents the calm before the storm of having three major sports and football recruiting to keep track of. Read about baseball and get hyped.

Cool Russian Whirligigs

We can make fun of Sochi's complete inability to accommodate the onslaught of foreigners brought on by the Winter Olympics, but that's just REALLY FREAKING COOL and I hope they take it into consideration when Dr. Dray decides he wants to turn his new stadium on the Brazos into a dome.