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Monday DBR: Otherworldly Odyssey

Odyssey Sims is really, really, really good at Shootyhoops.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

National Player of the Year (I'm dropping the "Candidate" term; if she is not NPoY, then pigs can fly.) Odyssey Sims and the Baylor Lady Bears laid down the law yesterday versus the Oklahoma A&, er... State. Oklahoma State simply had no answer for Kim Mulkey's finely-tuned war machine.

In Season: Men's and Women's Basketball

Baylor Men's Basketball head to TCU on Wednesday in a game they should win. This might sound a bit reactionary, but I'm not entirely sure how else to put this; if we lose to TCU, the slim chance we have of making the NCAA Tournament will become thinner than Coach Gosling's tie.

Sims Leads No. 7 WBB to 81-64 Win Over No. 12 Oklahoma State-

Oklahoma State did not look like the number twelve team in the land and it wasn't because they played poorly. Baylor just looked that good. Led by the indomitable Sims' 33 points, the Lady Bears crushed any hopes the Cowgirls had about halfway through the first half. However, Sims did not win the game single-handedly; both Robertson and Davis had double-digit outputs.

The Cowgirls did a great job early on of shutting down Makenzie Robertson. However, they could only maintain the lock-down for so long and as soon as Z started draining threes, the Lady Bears were able to open up a sizable lead. In my opinion, this was one of the best displays of basketball I've seen from this group this year. Kim Mulkey has the Lady Bears running like a Porsche 918 Spyder.

Off Season: Football and Baseball

Day Two: Still no news from the boys out on the front. I fear that they have forgotten about us back home. Mother is worried sick. I do hope they write soon.

Baylor Baseball is coming.

Best of the Rest

Softball Improves to 3-1 with 7-3 Win over UNLV -

Canion Records 31st Career Shutout in Softball's 5-0 over Arkansas -

Baylor Softball was in Sin City at the weekend, where they went 4-1. The Lady Bears return home this upcoming weekend for the Getterman Classic.

Women's Gold Leads after 18 Holes in Palos Verdes -

Baylor, who are currently unranked, are leading some of the highest-ranked teams in the nation heading into the second round.

Former Bears

Jimmy Walker has been on a tear as of late, winning three events in the last four months.

Oh no. Quincy what are you doing? STAHP!

Dangit Acy, you have gone and put that poor man on a poster! What is he supposed to do now?!


The good ol' US of A moved up to third in the medal standings yesterday. Jamie Anderson earned gold in Ladies' Slopestyle and Team USA added a bronze in the Figure Skating Team Event. For a full recap, hit up the Mothership.

Ashley Wagner is the "McKayla is Not Impressed" of the Sochi Games.


Other Sports Happenings

Quincy Acy wasn't the only one laying down the monster dunks last night. Blake Griffin and Lob City destroyed Philadelphia.

'The Eagle Has Landed' - Outsports

A great read on Michael Sam, who will potentially become the first openly gay player in the NFL. You may not approve of his lifestyle, but I think all of us can admire the courage it took for him to open up about this.

Marcus Smart suspended 3 games for shoving fan - SB Nation

Honestly, this was handled about as well as it could have been, by both sides.

Have a great Monday y'all and Sic 'em Bears!