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Art Briles making waves by talking about the Big 12 Championship and CFB Playoffs on ESPN Sportscenter


Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, look! We have video now: CLICK


Update #2:

Surprise! Art Briles just showed up on ESPN's Sportscenter and made the case for Baylor for the playoffs.

SC: Do you agree?

AB: Well I like David Pollack... I can't remember where Kirk Herbstreit went to college.

AB: Look at the body of work. If y'all are talking about the top 2 conferences in America, I think you'd say the SEC and the Big 12. Most people would agree top to bottom, that's the way it if you could do what we've been able to do the last two years, which is win this conference, I think that says something about this football team...It's hard to win when people are trying to beat you...That's why the Pac 12...the Big 10...and the SEC doesn't have repeat champions. But the Big 12 does and it's the Baylor Bears.

SC: Coach, I know that this one is out of your control, but there is no conference championship game. So for those who say they have co-champions of their league, they don't have a conference championship game, Ohio State and the Big 10 does and Ohio State won convincingly...what would you say to that?

AB: I think you look at the body of work...we played Oklahoma at Oklahoma...then we beat a top 10 in Kansas State and we beat a Top 5 team in TCU. I mean I don't know how much more you need to do to prove that you have a good football team...I think there's a lot of different ways to look at it...We played 6 home games this year where a lot of other teams played 7 home games...and we played true road games, not just neutral site games...So this all goes into body of work; everybody was throwing haymakers at us instead of just normal punches...

SC:. ..As it stands right now, is the system working?

AB: Not if we're not in it! ...If we're in the playoffs, then the system is working, but we're not in the's a bunch of people's opinions...what I would like to do

SC: Do you even know what the criteria are?

AB: No. I mean I don't have time to mess with all that stuff. My criteria is that we're winning games, we went 11-1 last year and 11-1 this year..

SC: Where will you watch the Selection Committee tomorrow?

AB: I won't. I haven't watched it all year...whether I watch it or not won't affect if we get in or not.

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