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BACK TO BACK CHAMPIONS: Baylor Outscores Kansas State 38-27 to Secure Second Straight Big 12 Championship


Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Dear OurDailyBears readers,

This is one of the more difficult posts that I have ever had to write.

On the one hand, Baylor has now followed up its first Big 12 Championship with a second consecutive Big 12 Championship and has now ascended to levels heretofore unseen in Baylor Football history.

On the other hand, with the outstanding performances of Ohio State and yet another close win from Florida Stated, the odds that Baylor will make the final Top 4 of the College Football Playoff Selection Committee are incredibly small.

How to reconcile these highest of highs and most heartbreaking of lows on the same night?

Here at OurDailyBears, we have strenuously tried from our birth to present day to encourage a specific type or tenor of college football discussion. But tonight, I can not tell you how to react. If you want to focus on the positive, about the tremendous successes of this team and this group of seniors, you are more than justified in doing so. In fact, I would suggest that for this night at least, that is probably the most appropriate response.

For those who can't help but look forward, tonight is a night for a solemn resignation that while Baylor has achieved virtually all of its preseason goals, the performance is likely not filled with enough 'style points' to keep up with the other Power 5 Conference Champions, especially with the Big 12 not vociferously enforcing its tiebreaker formula.

So, eat, drink and be merry!

Or eat, drink and yearn over what could have been.

At the very least, end the night with a full stomach.