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A Baylor Fan's Rooting Guide to Championship Week

Because I said so. Hey it works for the selection committee right?

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Baylor Nation is engulfed in a College Football Playoff inferno. WHAT SHOULD WE DO?!?!?!? That's where the Baylor fan rooting guide is your trusty friend to lead you through the college football wilderness on this conference championship weekend. Because at this point, Jeff Long is literally about as useful of a public speaker as Lennay Kekua is as a real person.


  • UCF at East Carolina (7:30pm) -- East Carolina beat Virginia Tech which, as you should know by now, beat Ohio State. Last year, UCF beat NEVERMIND FORGET EVERYTHING.


  • Northern Illinois v. Bowling Green (6pm) -- Bowling Green head coach Dino Babers is a former Baylor assistant. Northern Illinois grad assistant Joe Pawlak is clearly an imposter of former Baylor LB Joe Pawelek. Always root for authentic Baylor over fake Baylor.
  • Arizona v. Oregon (8 pm) -- This was what the Arizona athletic department account tweeted when the Wildcats beat Oregon in Eugene way back on October 2nd. I'm totally game for a sequel and you should be too.


  • Iowa State at TCU (11am) -- A motivational speech for our friends at Wide Right & Natty Lite.
  • Minnesota-Duluth at Minnesota State (12pm) -- Since B1G Minnesota isn't playing this week, it's only appropriate that you root for an in-state tire fire. But if we're looking for a rooting interest, Minnesota State is purple like TCU so root for the other Minnesota team to be less of a failure.
  • SMU at Connecticut (11am) -- If you for some awful reason choose to watch this game, hide the women and children because it's probably going to be a gruesome horror film.
  • Indiana State at Chattanooga (12pm) -- Indiana State beat Ball State who beat Central Michigan who beat Purdue who (…takes a breath…) beat Illinois who beat Minnesota. Yeah THAT Minnesota. So basically we're all counting on you, Sycamores.
  • Oklahoma State at Oklahoma (2:30pm) -- A 34 point win on the road against a 9-3 team would be nice so please take care of bidness OU. Also since this game doesn't have an official rivalry trophy, I think the losers should have to buy the winners banana splits from Braum's.
  • South Dakota State at North Dakota State (2:30pm) -- BATTLE OF THE DAKOTAS!!!1!
  • Alabama v. Missouri (3pm) -- Hey Mizzou, we need to talk. We've given you a hard time since you left the ol' Big 12 but if you could do us this one REALLY BIG favor, yeah that'd be great. Plus it'd potentially give us more Nick Pants memes of Lane Kiffin.
  • Temple at Tulane (6:30pm) -- Isn't it past your bedtime? Shouldn't your seasons be over by now? What are you doing here?
  • Florida State v. Georgia Tech (7pm) -- We're just gonna pretend that these bees are actually Georgia Tech. We don't have any faith that they'll actually work but we're going to blindly trust them this week.
  • Wisconsin v. Ohio State (7:17pm - okaaaaaaay) -- badgers badgers badgers badgers OH JUST WIN THE FREAKING GAME WISCY! Just so long as you've washed out all the excess Bielema...
  • Fresno State at Boise State (9pm) -- Nothing like settling a conference championship on a football field that geese actually think is a lake