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Baylor Opens As A 8.5 Point Favorite Over K-State

A little late, but the line is up now.

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

Due to the nature of Bryce Petty's injury, Vegas held off for a couple of hours before releasing the line for this game. The line says that Bryce Petty is still questionable for Saturday (we should know more about this after the Meet The Press today), so expect it to go up once (and if) Petty is confirmed for K-State.

Snyderball has always been a tricky thing to figure out for Baylor; you probably cannot find two more different styles in all of college football. Honestly, this game could turn out an infinite number of ways. I can see Baylor blowing out K-State a la 2012, a slug fest a la 2013, or it could be like 2011... Let's repeat 2012.

Here's all the lines.

Other Notable Lines:

ISU at TCU (-30.5) - TCU gets their 10th game in Texas this season and Fat Pat is going to be throwing late in the fourth. You know he will.

Arizona at Oregon (-14) (Neutral site) - Zona won at Oregon by seven earlier in the year. Can they repeat in Santa Clara?

Okie State at Oklahoma (-20) - With Rudolph presumably starting and Knight likely still out, this could end up closer than Vegas thinks.

Mizzou at Bama (-14.5) (Neutral site) - Go Tigers...

FSU (-3) at Georgia Tech (Neutral site) - You're at Georgia Tech, you can do that!

Wisconsin (-3) at Ohio State - MelGor will likely have a field day in a game Wiscy should win.