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A Baylor Fan's Rooting Guide to Week 13

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Because we obviously need to target our CFP-related anger at somebody else.

THE ENEMY!!!!!!!
THE ENEMY!!!!!!!
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This whole College Football Playoff business is making us all saltier than a giant bag of Rold Gold pretzels. So what do we do now? Well clearly we root for the demise of a lot of teams whether it makes any sense or not. So here's your guide of who to root for this week:


  • Kent State at Buffalo -- GIVE US THAT SOS BOOST BUFFALO. Also, if you want to see what it's like to play football in like 1 Oakman of snow (it's a unit of measurement now), this is the game for you.


  • Kansas State at West Virginia -- Baylor needs Kansas State to be as highly ranked as possible leading up to the season finale at McLane Stadium on December 6th. If K-State can pull out a win in Morgantown, they might be a top 10 team again when they come to Waco. Then again, Minnesota will probably be #9 by that point with 2 more quality losses so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • UTEP at Rice -- We play Rice next season in Waco. Clearly, we need that future SOS boost. Plus UTEP is basically in New Mexico anyway. Texas pride. Go Owls, "Hoot", play baseball, or whatever it is you do.


  • Indiana at Ohio State -- Ohio State beat that highly feared juggernaut that is Minnesota but now they obviously must die with fire. Indiana does have the best RB you've never heard of in Tevin Coleman. And they already beat Mizzou (which LOL).
  • Northwestern State at Stephen F. Austin -- GIVE US THAT SOS BOOST DEMONS.
  • Rutgers at Michigan State -- Rutgers is bowl eligible in their first B1G season. There is massive celebration for New York's college team. If you don't believe me, ask our on-site reporter Ted. Michigan State's only two losses are to Oregon and Ohio State, teams we are competing with. A loss for Sparty can only help the Bears.
  • Minnesota at Nebraska -- I don't even need to say anything, do I.
  • SMU at UCF -- GIVE US THAT...actually no because Craig James still has not apologized for his role in the killing of 5 hookers. SMU deserves to lose them all in hilariously awful fashion. Even if they destroy our SOS in the process (and TCU's too).
  • Kansas at Oklahoma -- Kansas did its job last week in playing TCU much closer than anticipated. Baylor would benefit from OU finishing strong to prop up the 34 point win that the Bears had in Norman 2 weeks ago. So this week, it would be nice for Kansas to show up in a coma and just allow Samaje Perine to happen.
  • Boston College at Florida State -- Direct message to Boston College: If FSU walks up to you and offers you a 15 point halftime lead, IT'S A TRAP DON'T DO IT. Your best bet is to lurk in the weeds and then spring a little Flutie magic when the time is right.
  • Ole Miss at Arkansas -- If Jeff Long is gonna be in charge of this cartoon of a selection committee, he can at least struggle with his day job. Hotty toddy.
  • Louisville at Notre Dame -- Both of these teams had a chance to put away Florida State. Both teams failed spectacularly. They deserve each other and neither team should be allowed to win. I hope this game is a bottomless pit of despair.
  • Syracuse at Pittsburgh -- Jason Kirk said on an earlier episode of Shutdown Fullcast that Baylor playing Buffalo was the same as playing "outdoor Syracuse". So it would only make sense that a Syracuse win improves perception of Baylor's win against Buffalo. Hey, whatever it takes man.
  • Samford at Auburn -- Well obviously you want AUBURN TO WIN because somewhere Gary Patterson is sitting in the corner trumpeting Samford as a quality win.
  • Vanderbilt at Mississippi State -- Lol why even bother. The Baylor game is on.