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Baylor @ Texas - Predict the Score - Pregame Results

Baylor's still Baylor. Texas is still Texas. So... yep, OBD predicts a comfortable Baylor win.

Sorry for the delay this week folks.  Our power went out, and this fell pretty far down the priority list.

Below are this week's cumulative predictions from participants in the Predict the Score.  On the right, I've highlighted some individuals who predict the biggest win or loss, or the highest or lowest total.

If you want to see everyone's predictions, go to this google spreadsheet.

Note that I'll exclude bizarre votes from the cumulative predictions if they are completely egregious.  There was a complete lack of originality from our undervoters this week.  Texas 100 and Baylor 0 display a complete lack of creativity.  Be better, people.

After the game, we'll post a summary of the results and who did the best (and worst), as well as the cumulative standings.  The first chart shows only our ODB predictions.

ODB (vs Texas)

I've also included two additional summary charts below: predictions of only the Texas/neutral visitors, and overall predictions including Baylor fans, Texas fans and neutral parties.

Combined (vs Texas)

Opponent (Texas)

In the interest of full disclosure, I have us winning 45-20.