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Friday DBR: Burn It All (In the Bonfire)

Homecoming Extravaganza and Bonfire on Halloween. What could be better?

Homecoming is the best time of the year to be a Baylor Bear. Sure, every day is a great day to be a Bear, but there is something special about the oldest Homecoming in the world. Maybe it is the cool weather that finally brings us relief from the oppressive heat. Or the parade that begins downtown and culminates on 5th Street in the heart of campus, linking Baylor and her beloved city. Perhaps it is the acts and antics of those performing in Pigskin. Could it be the pep rally that gathers Baylor Nation past, present, and future on Fountain Mall to cheer on our football team? Lest we forget the roaring bonfire that lights up the night sky and provides enough heat to make even that Texas game seem warm (maybe). All of these traditions are great, but what really separates Baylor Homecoming from your standard homecoming is the family aspect. Call it cliche, but Baylor truly is more than a nation, it is a family, centered around our love for the university where we spent two, four, perhaps eight years of our lives studying and growing into the men and women we are today. So come Home, ye Bears of yesteryear. Come home.

Sports Quick Hits

Baylor's women's basketball will open the season ranked No. 8 in the country. UConn, Sakerlina, Notre Dame, Tennessee, and A&M round out the top five. No. 9 Texas, No. 17 West Virginia, and No. 21 Oklahoma State are the other ranked Big 12 teams with Oklahoma and Iowa State receiving 17 and 2 votes, respectively.

Women's tennis doubles pairing of Kiah Generette and Rachael James-Baker advanced in the Jack Kramer Intercollegiate. None of the players advanced in the singles competition.

Soccer wraps up their regular season at West Virginia tonight at 6:00. West Virginia are currently undefeated in Big 12 play and sit at No. 10 in the national polls. A result against a top side like West Virginia would do wonders for the confidence of the team going into the Big 12 Championships, especially after they were robbed by the referee against Texas. Scenarios for seeding in the tournament are a bit murky. Baylor is currently sixth in the Big 12 with seven points. Oklahoma also has seven points, but Baylor owns the head-to-head tiebreaker there. TCU currently sits in eighth with 6 points. All three of these teams will make it into the tournament, but where they fall is still up for grabs. A Baylor win would secure sixth place and, I believe, a game against the No. 3 seed. Oklahoma hosts Kansas in a difficult, but winnable game. Should Oklahoma win and Baylor earn a draw or a loss, the Okies would take sixth. TCU has the easiest game of the trio with a game at winless-in-conference Iowa State. The TCU-OU and TCU-Baylor games ended in tie, so neither team holds a head-to-head tiebreaker there. Just win baby.

Put up triple digits and benefit research!


Layer up, wear your color, and BE LOUD!

Note: 118 is actually a student section and should be green.

STUDENTS: Freshman wear gold, everyone else wears green.

Homecoming Festivities

All of the events can be found here. The important one for today though is the Extravaganza/Bonfire which begins at 6:00 pm on Fountain Mall. You'll want to get there early to get a good seat!

The Daily Brilesism

"You ask me, Coach, are you defending the Big 12 title, protecting it? How can you defend and protect something that nobody can ever tell you -- 2013 is gone forever. That title is ours. "

Our Daily Beats

Pro Texana, y'all.