Call For Penalty Data Help

Brian Bahr


As you probably saw on Monday, I am working on a series of posts about Baylor and their penalty problems.The data I have right now is great, but it doesn't get to the heart of the problem: what kind of penalties are Baylor receiving and how many of each kind? Are they committing more offensive penalties or defensive penalties? Are the penalties objective ones (false starts, offside) or are they more subjective (pass interference)?

Here's where the ODB community comes in. I asked Bill Connelly, SB Nation's resident stats nerd, if there existed any data that broke down penalties by type. Unfortunately, such a thing does not exist. So, what I need is people to watch Baylor games from this year (and ideally other Big 12 games as well, but we'll stick to Baylor games for now) and track some stats:

1. Type of penalty

2. Offensive or defensive penalty?

3. How many yards were inflicted?

4. Was the penalty on a crucial (i.e. third or fourth) down? - A yes/no answer will suffice.

5. If possible, which player committed the penalty.

6. Was the penalty declined/offset?

I would collect the data myself, but I am a senior in college taking an overloaded load of engineering classes, so I clearly have plenty of free time, which I why I am requesting y'all's assistance.

Thanks to the good man (or woman) Baylor18700 on YouTube, we have access to every Baylor game this year.

Even if you can only do a quarter or so of a game, the help would be greatly appreciated!

Here's the links to the games (No Huddle versions should still have the penalties in them):

Week 7 - Baylor @ WVU - gjeffrey

Week 6 - Baylor vs TCU - Surrounded_By_Aggies

Week 5 - Baylor @ UT (No Huddle version) - goldenwave91

Week 4 - Baylor @ ISU (No Huddle version) - goldenwave91

Week 3 - Baylor @ UB (No Huddle version) - cms186

Week 2 - Baylor vs NWSU (No Huddle version)

Week 1 - Baylor vs SMU (No Huddle version)

If you decide to help, please put what you game/quarter(s) you will be analyzing.

All data can be emailed to me at Excel sheets for the data would be preferred. Thanks!

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