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Late Night Preview: BU MBB vs UT

Baylor looks to right the ship against a hot Longhorn squad on Saturday.

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We are all lost in the wilderness without our Ted. Ted would know to put a preview up earlier in the week than this, surely. Alas, we will do our best.

The Bears have hit a rough patch lately, dropping four of the last five conference matchups. The Texas Longhorns on the other hand have found their rhythm. Rick Barnes and his team have won four straight contests with headlining wins against #8 Iowa State and a buzzer-beating win against very solid Kansas State team.

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This isn't to cast a shadow on our Bears' chances tomorrow. Scott Drew had his team looking much more motivated and disciplined in the 10-point loss to Kansas on Monday. Regardless of year and roster, it is very difficult to go into Lawrence, Kansas and leave with a win.

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Keys to the Game

1) Transition...well... everything

As is per tradition with this year's team, we must shore up our transition defense. One game a trend does not make. While our defense against Kansas was much better, it needs to continue here. It is no secret around the Big XII that we can be beaten with aggressive pace out of missed shots and turnovers. Send additional help back, make the effort to stop the ball, and minimize transition points allowed.

On the other side, especially with Cameron Ridley is on the floor, push the pace and take advantage of easy opportunities.

2) Offensive Movement

All too often we fall into a trap of stagnant half-court offense. Instead of watching Kenny Chery fight through 4 high-ball screens, move the other 3 players on the court. Create mismatches. Move the ball. We have many weapons on this team, let's utilize every last one of them.

3) Aggression

Texas has some talented youth, but the Longhorns are not terribly deep in the front court. I would love to see our bigs get aggressive and go right at the likes of Big Cameron Ridley, Holmes, and Taylor.

While Texas is an improving team, this should be a win at home. A win here and a win Tuesday against West Virginia would put us back on the track for a respectable seed in the tournament.

And a nice little serving of hype from the Baylor Athletics Youtube feed:

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On a personal note, I want to apologize to all of the Our Daily Podcast listeners. I made a rookie technical mistake on Tuesday that lead to my audio not being recorded. I hope this didn't throw off your week, and there should be a new episode coming next week!