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2013 ODB Comments / Activity Report

Wonder who the most active posters are on Our Daily Bears? Wonder no more.

Christian Petersen

I've been asked a few times for any info I could provide on who posts the most here, how much they post, etc. etc.  Well, SB Nation came through today with stats for every member blog on the network.  As you might expect since we didn't really get going comment-wise until the start of the football season, those numbers are a bit low.  Fanposts/shots, however, are quite strong.  But let's jump right to it with the top 10 of each on ODB in 2013!

Awards for Our Daily Bears:

Most FanPosts Ohio Baylor Fan 24 PoppyBear 21 judgechamber 15 imahammeru 15 derek.tonkin 15 RSWaco 13 .Dunbar. 11 BUball 11 daddingo 10 james.matus 10
Great job, guys and gals! This is strong fanpost work, and I hope you keep it up going into 2014.
Most FanShots Aqua 220 Mark Seymour 91 PoppyBear 47 redbeard25 27 Ohio Baylor Fan 21 james.matus 9 bgoodrich 8 Prashanth Francis 8 pbpope 6 Matthew Tennant 5
If you combine my two names, I actually have the third-most fanshots on the entire network. Don't expect that ranking to rise in 2014, though. The two leaders are in the 700s. That's 2+ fanshots per day posted.
Most Comments
Mark Seymour 3875
Prashanth Francis 2746
imahammeru 2678
Aqua 2299
Kirobaito 1881
corey.royse 1860
PoppyBear 1852
Matthew Tennant 1432
bgoodrich 1174
pbpope 1125

So I've got 2 of the top 4, Prashanth has one, and Hammer has another.  The top poster who isn't also a contributor is Kirobaito!  I imagine that 80% of his comments are related to Pokemon.  Maybe a little less.