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2014 Tostitos Fiesta Bowl: Baylor vs. UCF

Thoughts on Baylor's 52-42 loss in the Fiesta Bowl

It's taken me two days to string enough sentences together about this game for a post. Every time I think I have enough, I throw it all away.

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2014 Fiesta Bowl up 9% over 2013 Orange Bowl in same time slot

Baylor-UCF did a 7.2 overnight last night, up 9% from last year's NIU-FSU Orange Bowl.

Fiesta Bowl Morning After -- News, Links, Tweets

Spent most of the night writing, rewriting, and eventually deleting a Thoughts post that stretched into the 1500+ word range. Maybe we'll get back to that at some point today. For now, the news.

Fiesta Bowl Final: UCF 52, Baylor 42

For just the second time this season, the Baylor Bears found themselves outplayed and on the losing end. That it happened tonight on basically the largest possible stage and in the final game of the season only makes things worse.

Fiesta Bowl: Baylor vs. UCF | Game Thread 2

Baylor trails 28-20 at halftime after an up-and-down first half that saw the defense produce 3 turnovers and the offense capitalize on just one. Both QBs have struggled a bit, actually.

Fiesta Bowl: Baylor vs. UCF | Game Thread

The final game of the 2013-2014 season is here. All eyes will be on Baylor tonight on ESPN. Sic 'em, Bears.

Fiesta Bowl GAME DAY: Baylor vs. UCF

The last day of the 2013-2014 season has finally arrived on the first day of 2014! Baylor stakes its claim to a 12-1 season, the best in Baylor history, today.

Baylor vs. UCF Preview / Poll / Prediction Thread

Tomorrow evening, Baylor plays the biggest game on the biggest stage in program history. The Bears are a heavy favorite in Vegas to finish the season 12-1. What do you think?

Fiesta Bowling Preview Podcast!

Mark and Peter fly... Duo? Duet? Anyway, Mark and Peter team up to form an unstoppable combination of Fiesta Bowl Previewing goodness.

Fiesta Bowl Stats Preview: Baylor vs. UCF

The stats pretty clearly bill this one as a matchup of titanic offenses with one defense far above the other. Where do your Bears land? Let's find out.

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Baylor wearing black jersey for Fiesta Bowl

Still waiting on the reveal of the rest of the ensemble.

Fiesta Bowl Media Day -- Coach Briles (w/video)

I'm looking right now for a place where we can watch this media event. Until I find it, we'll have to follow along through tweets.

Sunday Morning News/Links -- It's Game Week!

Baylor plays its first BCS bowl ever in just four days, ladies and gents! And ... the Art Briles rumors are now swirling harder than ever.

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Fiesta Bowl Preview from S11 of

Definitely worth the read, if you have a subscription.

Fiesta Bowl "Meet the Press" -- Baylor Defense

Our fearless leader on defense, the inimitable Phil Bennett, spoke to reporters this morning about the challenge of preparing for UCF and Blake Bortles.

Report: MLB Bryce Hager "doubtful" for Fiesta Bowl

After initial reports that Baylor might get the QB of its defense back for the game on January 1, it seems our defense will once again be forced to play without its junior signal-caller.

Baylor Fiesta Bowl Arrival/Press Conference

Good stuff. Press conference portion starts around 21 minutes into the video. I wonder what the carpet salesman said when the Fiesta Bowl called them and asked for 50 feet of red?

First Look: UCF Knights

With just under a week before Baylor plays its final game of the 2013-2014 season, and the first BCS bowl in program history, we're preparing now for the UCF Knights. Led by Blake Bortles, the Knights sport a powerful offense.

December/Fiesta Bowl Mailbag!

By popular request, it is time once again for a Mailbag! Ask any questions you like about almost anything related to Baylor Athletics (or not, I guess), and we'll do our best to answer them.

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Baylor Fiesta-bound tomorrow

UCF Knights Team Offensive Stats, Ranks

Had a little down time before the wedding this evening, so I started looking at UCF's offensive stats and important players on the season.

Sunday News: Baylor sells 12k+ Fiesta Bowl Tickets

Not a lot of news out there this morning after the first 4 games of this bowl season, but there's some. Let's talk about it.

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USA Today Fiesta Bowl Preview
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Rhode Island tabs UCF DC as next Head Coach

This will surely assist them in their preparation for the #1 offense in the country.

Blake Bortles 2013 Highlights

I made this post with Bortles' highlight video from the entire season, but there's also a video in the post itself with his specific game against South Carolina, perhaps the most relevant game to Baylor fans.

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ESPN's projections really like Baylor in the Fiesta Bowl

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A Preview of UCF

Over the last couple of days, I watched three UCF games: versus USF, South Carolina, and at Louisville. This is my first time attempting to do a film study, but I'll give it my best shot.

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F/+ bowl picks

Football Outsiders picks and projections for the 2013-14 college football bowl season.

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Full UCF Games via Youtube

You probably haven't seen all that many UCF games this year, and now is your opportunity to watch ... basically all of them.

Fiesta Time: Sweet Feet cleared to return

Tevin Reese tweets that he's "CLEARED!" Does this mean we will see him back in a Baylor uniform one last time? We certainly hope so.

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Introduction to UCF

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2013 Bowl Swag (Gifts)

Just in case you were wondering.