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Friday Night Surprise: OurDailyBears hits 2,000,000 Pageviews!

Moments ago, OurDailyBears passed a new, important milestone at 2,000,000 pageviews since inception in November 2011, just 7 months after hitting 1,000,000.


Some of you may remember an announcement on February 7 of this year that ODB had passed the threshold of 1,000,000 historic pageviews, an insignificant amount for some blogs on the SB Nation network, but a huge number for this one.  It took 14 months to get to there.  Now, just seven months later, we've hit another huge number at 2,000,000!

Over the last several weeks, traffic here at ODB has really taken off.  Where in the first year or so of the blog, we struggled to reach even 4,000 pageviews a day, since August 1, we've reached that number every day but 3, all of them Sundays before football began.  This past Sunday, with football back, we hit 11,000. Before 2012, that would have been our biggest day ever.  Now, it's just another day. With a thriving podcast, new daily content, fanposts from the community, and passionate contributors bringing that passion to bear (and the Bears), there's little doubt we're headed in the right direction.

As I said in this week's podcast, I believe the lion's share of credit for the rise of this blog should be attributed to the incredible contributors we've managed to assemble and the community they've helped to build. Without the help of passionate Baylor people, there's no way we would have come so far.  And without people there to read and enjoy the content we've created, there would be no point.  It probably doesn't hurt that we have the privilege of covering one of the most exciting football programs in the country, as well as two rising powerhouses in men's and women's basketball (the latter not so much "rising" as "holding steady at the top").

Seven months ago, I said the following, which is perhaps even more true now than it was then:

As we move forward, I hope to continue building on what we've achieved so far by bringing in new contributors with new perspectives to drive new content. At some point, I'm not sure when, I'd like to take a few of the ideas I've seen around the network, particularly on the aforementioned GBH, and see if we can't do something similar here. It won't happen overnight-- barely anything does-- and I don't expect to give the FSU fans a run for their money. But I see no reason why we can't keep moving in the right direction ... and bringing Baylor fans home.

We'll do it together.