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Wednesday Afternoon Open Thread and Poll: Our Daily Bears Meetup/Tailgate

It's time that we take the idea of a meetup from idle discussion spread throughout various comment threads into the realm of concrete discussion. Who's with me?

Cyril smells something delicious, and it's coming from the ODB Tailgate.
Cyril smells something delicious, and it's coming from the ODB Tailgate.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, the time has come.

This subject has been bandied about in the comments, on Twitter, and in our dreams for far too long. It's time for some real talk. It's time to talk ODB Meetup. The whens, the wheres, the hows. The whos. Mostly, it's time to centralize discussion and formalize.

The When

Below, you'll find a poll asking you on which date you would prefer the Meetup/Tailgate to be. I've listed the four remaining home games for Baylor football, since I'm pretty sure that nobody has any interest in heading up there this weekend or during an away game. I don't think that Oklahoma is quite the right fit for the tailgate, since it's a Thursday night game, but I put it up there anyway. Hey, this is your event.

The Where

We've got a couple of offers to host the tailgate thus far. Our own David Fankhauser has a nice spot that's centrally located right across Dutton from the George's Tailgate. Also in a post on Monday, greg.martin.76834 volunteered the Remedy Blues tailgate spot for ODBers to meet up. They've got a sweet rig.

The... How?

The how is the biggest question to me. We'll need to do food for this thing. When Fankhauser and I were talking, I was thinking that I could bring my smoker up and smoke a brisket or two, depending on how many people are coming to the meetup. I'm not sure what's all involved with Remedy Blues, if we went with that option. Perhaps Greg can enlighten us. I'm betting that we'd either need to all chip in for food or figure out some sort of potluck. I don't know, I'm completely spitballing here. I've never done this sort of thing.

Okay, now that it's clear I've got nothing... It's your turn.

Let's discuss this. Vote in the poll. Give your ideas on how we make this happen. Let's get some brainstorming going, get some ideas out there, and then we'll start turning those ideas into concrete plans and hammer out how we're going to make this meetup happen. Sound good? Discuss!