The Really Early Sunday Morning Wrap-up

I was hoping to have this up sooner, but my internets decided to be fickle. Anywho, here are all the wrap-ups you care about and some you don't from the Big 12.

The Froggies have a post game wrap-up and a post game analysis available since they played (and lost to) the techies on Thorsday. In summation: they didn't like what they saw.

The Matadors are enjoying being 3-0 after upsetting the Frogs, although I don't know if that really qualifies as an upset when the team you beat has been underperforming so far this season.

The Sooners are very happy to have found the forward pass, even anointing Bell as "a quarterback like none before" based on his record breaking debut.

How would you describe UT's season so far? A burnt orange dumpster fire.

The mountain men of WVU are glad for the win, regardless that it was against lowly Georgia State. They do have some concerns about their offensive line and offensive balance, though.

ISU rallied late against Iowa, but to no avail, they dropped to 0-2 and are wondering if they are backtracking after the head-way they've struggled to create.

The jaybirds don't like what they saw offensively against the owls, dropping to 1-1. But lucky for them, they still aren't in last place.

KSU beat up on UMass, which was expected, as UMass is a terrible, terrible football team. But Wildcat fans still would like to see more from their team.

Cowboys ride for free gives us a top ten list of what they observed while trouncing Lamar while trying to ignore anything and everything about the scandalous stories coming from SI.

Baylor was idle, but you know that. We were so bored this week we had a front page story about he, who shall not be named. Well good news, everyone! Our bye week is over and now we can concentrate on ULM. To help you get started, here is the recap of their most recent victory over the Demon Deacons courtesy of Bloggers So Dear.

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Sic Em Bears!

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