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Week 3 Night Game Open Thread -- The Game of the Century of the Week is Over

Wow. It's been an incredible day already, and we haven't even gotten to the night action. The game most here want to see, Ole Miss at Texas, is only visible on Mars, but that shouldn't stop us from talking about it.

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Ok, all aspects of irrational fandom aside, that was a pretty incredible game we just witnessed. Texas A&M got up, then Alabama rolled back and took a huge lead, then A&M came storming back valiantly before just falling short. If you played the game 10 times, you wouldn't get a better one than that. Even if the box score looks like the same kind of game the Big 12 gets crucified for constantly. Seriously, the two teams scored 91 points and went over 1200 combined total yards. Mike Evans alone caught 7 passes for 279 YARDS. AGAINST ALABAMA.

FINAL 1 2 3 4 Total
Alabama Crimson Tide 7 21 14 7 49
Texas A&M Aggies 14 0 7 21 42

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I won't harp on that game, since this is a Baylor blog and Baylor didn't play. I will say that I wasn't overwhelmed by either defense, and they sposed to be SEC. Baylor could score points on both of those teams. Whether we could stop them from doing the same is the real question. Maybe someday, we'll get to find out.

In Big 12 news, it looks so far like things went to plan. Oklahoma and West Virginia both changed QBs and went over 40 points against Georgia State and Tulsa, respectively. The bigger story from the latter game may be Tulsa scoring 20 points of their own, actually. I didn't get to see any of West Virginia's game, but someone named Ford Childress played a prominent role. Iowa State is down already to Iowa in news you probably saw coming.

The meat of the Big 12's schedule today remains; with Kansas trying to stave off Rice; Texas looking to regain a semblance of respectability against Ole Miss; Kansas State just kicking off against Massachusetts, who they should kill; and Oklahoma State sacrificing Lamar this evening to their god of sex and drugs. I may have just typed the best argument for attending Oklahoma State ever.

We'll use this thread for the evening games, should people still have comments left in them after this afternoon. I KNOW I DO.