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A Letter For the New Line

First time running in the line? Yea I've been there. And fairly recently at that. I'm here to share my knowledge with you young Bears fans out there.

Baylor Line at its finest

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Bears fans, and ODB trolls,

It is a new season, and thus time for the Baylor Line Report to begin yet again. The line hasn't happened yet this year, but it will Saturday, and for those that have yet to experience the bliss that is running the Baylor Line and welcoming the Baylor Bears out of the tunnel, here are some things to take note of that I experienced last season.

First off, even though Wofford is a 6:30 game, it is going to be incredibly hot outside, so please make sure you drink a lot of water. While waiting to run in the line and while in the stands, I witnessed and heard about some people passing out due to dehydration. That is not the type of experience I would want to have at my first Baylor game as a student, and I'm sure the same would apply to you.

Secondly, dress like a true fan and wear your green and gold proudly. Wear your line jersey, some cool socks, and whatever else to stay cool. Don't feel like you have to wear khakis, a polo, and boots. To put it into perspective, I wore my line jersey, some corduroy green shorts, mid-calf bright yellow socks, and some neon nike frees. And man, I looked good. Wear what you want and go Baylor all the way. As freshmen you hold a very important place in this University and its traditions. Go all out!

Next up, enjoy the tailgating scene and meet some new people. The tailgates are a lot of fun and you are also able to get free food, get your face painted, and play some games with a lot of other Bears football fans. Also, I'm in charge of one of the fraternity tailgates, so you should totally come say hi. Enjoy the tailgating, but don't get wrapped up in to being there and missing the chance to run in the line. Make sure you line up a good hour-hour and a half early to get ready to run. I did this, I was able to be in the front and ended up on Baylor's facebook page, and more importantly, led the entire freshmen class out on to the field. That, by the way, was awesome.

Also, don't be afraid to get a little rowdy. Perfect example? Once you get inside the stadium, they herd all of you in a space and at the front of it is an iron gate that is supposed to keep all of you contained. It normally does its job, but between all of us students being so amped up, and the Chamber guy leading cheers things got borderline out of hand and we broke the gate.

When you rush on to the field everything is going to happen very quickly. All of a sudden everyone in the stadium is staring at you. I only went to the very front once and sprinted through the field to then greet the players. This is such a rush. You will be the last freshmen class ever to run the line at Floyd Casey Stadium. Relish in it. Really soak it in. But at the same, don't trip. I've had to hurdle people. It's fun, for me at least, but to the person who tripped not so much. Get you a nice little jog going down the field and look around to see how the players see it, then get in line to welcome the players out. Yell out their names, Yell at TGCAB, and of course, talk to the cheerleaders standing in front of you, because, come on.

Cheer loud, cheer often. You will never do as many sic'ems, ever, as you will when the Baylor defense is on the field. Before every play you are yelling. Don't think this works? Go back and watch the K-State game and note how confused Colin Klein was  on our end of the field. Although, when we're on offense, don't be too loud. Except when we get a first down, which has the potential to be every other play. And, of course, touchdowns. Go crazy on touchdowns, and jump around.

Last year's season was so much for me. There were ups, there were downs, but all in all one of the things that got me through a week of classes and homework was knowing that the Bears played that upcoming weekend and I got to be a part of it. To those that have never been, enjoy your time, because you only get to run the line so many times. Soak in the entire experience, and cheer this Baylor team on to victory after victory, after victory...

In the Baylor Nation I trust,