Doug Pensinger

Because a) Prashanth is a slacker and b) we had a pretty good turnout last year, I've created a CFB Pick 'Em league on Yahoo! for the ODB community and whoever else might want to take part.

League Name/URL:
Password: LacheShow (not sure if case sensitive, but that's how I typed it in, if it is)

All are welcome to join. I included the most interesting games of the week, the AP Top 25, and the entire Big 12 as my picksets. The first game is tomorrow, so you have some time to join and get things ready. Sorry for not having this up more quickly.

We're doing confidence points and picks against the spread, so this isn't your average league. Any other way just wouldn't be fun. Confident points are what you risk when picking a game, so if you choose for Baylor to beat Wofford and put 35 points on it, you can win 35 points if we beat the spread. You get nothing if we lose.

I found a very informative strategy guide for picking in confidence point-based leagues. You should check that out.

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