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Did Scott Drew Just Confirm Two Newcomers as Starters via Twitter?

If his tweet is indicative as any kind of endorsement ... then yes.

Mike Stobe

I feel like I have to apologize any time I post a basketball related update to the blog in the months of July/August/September, but I'm not going to apologize for this one. If we can take Scott Drew's tweet as a sign of what is to come, it means we essentially know our starting line-up come November 8th. Assuming that Brady Heslip, Isaiah Austin and Cory Jefferson retain their starting roles, it looks like both Kenny Chery and Ish Wainwright are set to join them.

This isn't a huge surprise, however, and of course Drew could just merely be pointing out that Wainwright has been working hard - but going to the trouble to have someone make a graphic makes it pretty clear that Jon Rothstein of CBS New York knows at least a thing or two that we did not prior to today.

I also think it's interesting that Wainwright could see time at the point. Most have been of the opinion that Allerick Freeman will definitely see time at both the shooting guard and point guard position but this additional possibility at the one means that there is a chance we could see a lineup that features players all taller than 6'6" - that's insane.

I could easily be making more of this than I should, but I know there are a few of you out there that despite football season being 11 days a way, are still extremely excited about our basketball team. I might as well use this post to go ahead and let you know that I've been working on a series of posts previewing every one of the Bears' opponents this season along with some predictions and additional analysis so if you're a Baylor Men's basketball fan, definitely stay tuned!