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New Helmet Poll -- TCU vs. Baylor

SB Nation's TCU blog, Frogs O' War, is reporting tonight that TCU has a new helmet for their game against LSU. The phrase "Oregon of the South" was thrown around. Let's assume it's for real-- which one do you like better?


Before you vote in the poll, head over to FrogsOWar to check out the few pictures they have about this reported helmet. I'm fairly sure they were the first to report its existence, and they deserve the credit for that.

On the poll, I'm really interested in an unbiased take, insomuch as one is possible, on which helmet people like better. By that I mean don't vote for Baylor because this is a Baylor site and Baylor Baylor Baylor. Vote for which design you like best. I'm putting our AllGoldEverything up against it for the purpose of this poll, which is strictly for fun and should not be used to suggest that Baylor is better than TCU in any non-helmet way. Though it probably is. Because Baylor Baylor Baylor.

So vote for your true choice! The poll is anonymous, so you can't be shamed by voting for the other school's helmet!

Check out the link above for pictures of the TCU helmet.* For ours, look up, or at this close-up picture that Athlon posted from the Big 12 Media Days.

*I know there isn't actually a picture of the helmet there, so much as a picture of a t-shirt with the helmet on it. We can do this again once they have a better picture of the helmet, which I'm sure will be lovely. This is just for fun!

I don't think the red shooting off the helmet is actually part of the helmet design. So take that into consideration. I think that's a Nike thing.