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OurDailyPodcast Details

Things are shaping up nicely for the podcast, and we're looking to have the first episode in your ear holes sometime later this week.

Art Briles is all set to tune into the inagural OurDailyPodcast!
Art Briles is all set to tune into the inagural OurDailyPodcast!

Since Mark announced that we're going to be doing an ODB podcast last Friday, we've been hard at work making preparations, finalizing details, reticulating splines, and syncing audio tracks in preparation for our first broadcast. I figured I'd go ahead and give you all some information in advance of the first episode, which we hope to have out later this week.

First, the details.

As Mark said in his announcement, I've volunteered to take hosting duties, with Mark and Prashanth co-hosting with me. We did a practice run last night just to get all of our equipment in order and see how it all worked, and personally, I think it went really well. I'm very excited to see where it goes once we get rolling and the community gets involved (more on that in a bit). Mark also mentioned that we're planning on recording on Wednesdays and posting the podcasts on Thursdays. That's still the plan at this point, but if I'm able to edit it quickly, I'll shoot to have the podcast in iTunes on Wednesday night. The first week's podcast may be a bit delayed due to it being the first one, and the iTunes submission process sometimes taking a little bit. Once we know, you'll know.

We're planning on having some fairly standard segments once the season kicks off. We'll recap the previous week's game and look forward to the upcoming one, as well as other notes and interesting tidbits. We'll probably occasionally venture into other sports as events warrant, perhaps even with guest contributors. Once we get off the ground we'll figure out how all of that will work. For this week and next, we plan on doing previews of the offense and defense most likely, as well as giving a little bit of background information, probably on ourselves and how ODB got off the ground. Then in two weeks we'll do the Wofford preview and get rolling with the regular season from there.

We're also still figuring out intro/outro music. What we start out with may not be the most exciting, but we'll work on improving it. Speaking of which, that brings me to the next part.

Your Support Needed!

There are multiple avenues for you to get involved in the podcast. As Mark mentioned, if you'd like to be on the show at some point, shoot him an email, or you can message me on twitter or leave a comment. Once we get that part figured out, we'll give more details. Also, feel free to add suggestions for anything you'd like to hear on the podcast and we'll make it happen, if we're able and we like it. No, we will not give a dramatic reading of your fanfic.

Producing a podcast requires storage space, some place that we can host the episodes online. We've been looking at a wide range of different options, and have identified one or two different storage solutions that would best fit the needs for the podcast. As you may or may not know, our budget is extremely limited for the podcast (and by limited, I mean it's exactly zero). We've invested in the equipment out of our own pockets, and we'll be carrying the costs of storage as well. At this point, it's looking like it will cost us $15 to $20 monthly. This is probably the best way that you can support the podcast, by helping us defray the costs. We've got some ideas on ways to acknowledge your generosity. More to come on this part a little bit later.

Finally, anyone know anything about mixing? Remixing? If anyone does and would like to help out with intro/outro/bumpers for in-between segments, please let me know. Comments, twitter, you know the drill.

Well, there you go folks! Hopefully we'll have something for you to listen to on Wednesday or Thursday!