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Some Updated Odds to Win the Big 12 in 2013-2014

We've got some newish odds being posted for who will win the Big 12. Where does Baylor fit into the picture? Find out below.


The good folks over at Barking Carnival recently posted some updated odds for winning the Big 12 conference. These odds have Oklahoma State and Texas leading the pack at 5/2 apiece. Baylor comes in at 12/1.

Oklahoma State 5/2
Texas 5/2
OU 3/1
TCU 15/4
Baylor 12/1
K State 12/1
Texas Tech 25/1
West Va 25/1
Iowa State 40/1
Kansas 100/1

Courtesy of Barking Carnival; Odds courtesy of

These odds seem a little more realistic than those released by the popular sportsbook The Greek back in May, which were widely reported on. Those odds had Texas at 2/1, OU and OSU at 5/2 each. Baylor was 12/1 in those odds also, but West Virginia was at 20/1 and Kansas at only 25/1. The Greek has since updated its odds, and here's how they see things shaping up:

Texas 2/1
OSU 5/2
OU 5/2
TCU 5/1
Baylor 12/1
Texas Tech 15/1
Iowa State 20/1
K State 20/1
WVU 25/1
Kansas 50/1

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What do you think about these odds? Accurate? Let us know in the comments.