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A Little ODB Organizational News

With the advent of SB Nation United this past year, we gained a ton of tools for organization and structure. I've been toying around with a few changes designed to make use of those tools in a more cogent way.

Sarah Glenn

For a while now, I've been grappling with the idea of how to reorganize the sections and hubs on ODB to better serve the community in finding new and old information. It's not that things have been incredibly disjointed before so much as they could be going forward. Allow me to share more of what I mean.

When SB Nation rolled out the United platform this past fall, blog managers, writers, and editors gained tremendous new tools for the organization and presentation of posts and information. Foremost, to me, among those tools was the ability to create hubs to house content off the main page. I responded to that by creating hubs for each sport and other news: Football, Baseball, MBB, WBB, Stadium info, uniforms, to name a few. Since I tend to cover football more than anything else, I also made a hub for each game in the 2012 season.

As we've gone through the year, I've tried to keep as many relevant hubs on the main ODB page as possible so that they are easy to find. Hopefully, you've taken advantage of that to find the information you want. In case something hasn't been available, you can always find any hub you're interest in viewing through the main Section page where all 32 (and counting) are listed. I'm sure that's not confusing at all.


In gearing up for the 2013 football season, I realized something that should have been apparent from the beginning: my week-by-week game hubs were going to be a problem. You see, when I made each one, I did it as "Baylor Bears vs. [Team of the Week]" without reference to the year, as if we were only going to play each team once forever and that would be ok. It's not ok. Rather than dump all the 2013 info into the hubs of the 2012 games, since that could also be extremely confusing, I needed different hubs for each season's games.

So I made them.


Inside the Baylor Bears Football hub-- where all of the information on Baylor's football team, regardless of year or type, will go-- I created a subhub (not sure if that's a thing, but it is now) for each season. 2012 now has a hub, populated by the hubs for each game in the 2012 season. If I wrote about that season again, the new post would go in that hub. 2013 now has a hub, too, that is empty at this point since we haven't played any games. New info on the 2013 season will go in the 2013 hubs, as well as the Baylor Bears Football hub.

As we go forward into 2013, each game will again get its own hub. This time, however, they will be demarcated by year. That means "Baylor Bears vs. [Team of the Week]" will actually be "Baylor Bears vs. [Team of the Week] 2013" instead. I've also gone back now and made sure the old ones say "2012" so there's no, or less, confusion. Here's the 2012 Texas game hub as an example.

Hopefully this makes things easier to follow and organize going forward. Feel free to ask any questions you might have in the comments, since I'm pretty sure I explained this in just about the worst way possible.