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Monday Poll: Year of the Bear vs. Year of the Cardinals

Louisville's incredible 2012-2013 season ended an hour or so ago as the Cardinals fell in the College World Series, prompting me to wonder: which would you take given the choice between Baylor's 2011-2012 and Louisville's 2012-2013?


This question is pretty straightforward, and I think I already know which answer will win, but it's a great topic for debate all the same.

Given the choice of two years: Baylor's 2011-2012 or Louisville's 2012-2013, which would you choose for your athletic program in totality?

Baylor in 2011-2012 (The Year of the Bear):

National record for wins in a season (129)
Heisman Trophy
40-0 WBB, National Championship

Louisville in 2012-2013 (not named yet, we'll call it the Year of the Cardinals):

MBB National Championship
BCS bowl win over Florida
College World Series appearance

I could list all the accolades of each team's individual players, like all-conference teams, other national awards, etc., but I won't. Let's just stand on this. Give me your thoughts in the comments. I think there are good arguments on either side; supporters of Baylor probably point to the uniqueness of 40-0 and a Heisman Trophy, while Louisville fans put the MBB natty up there and say little else.