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Art Briles Book To Be Released October 1

You read that right. Art Briles: Looking Up: My Journey from Tragedy to Triumph is set to be released October 1, 2013 and is available for preorder right this very second.

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Tom Pennington

Mark your calendars, folks. The Tuesday before the first and last time that West Virginia comes to The Case you'll be able to purchase a book that dreams are made of. On October 1, 2013 you will be able to purchase Art Briles: Looking Up: My Journey from Tragedy to Triumph, penned by Nick Eatman with a forward written by none other than Robert Griffin III. The story will chronicle The Great Coach Art Briles' life, including the tragedy of losing his parents while he was a wide receiver at Houston and the triumphs he's achieved as head coach at Baylor. Here's the summary from Amazon:

Baylor head coach Art Briles is one of the most highly regarded coaches in college football, and this biography delves far beyond his football success and acumen. It explains how, at the age of 20, Briles lost his parents in a tragic car accident as they were en route to one of his college games. The book relates how Briles, devastated by the loss of his role models, used the catastrophe as motivation to propel him toward the destination of his dreams. As the book elucidates in detail, Coach Briles has made a career of turning failing football programs around in both the high school and collegiate ranks. His latest accomplishments at Baylor University are also chronicled in this account of overcoming tragedy and turning personal loss into overwhelming success.

Twenty minutes ago I didn't know this book existed. Now I cannot wait for October 1. You can preorder your copy on Amazon for a mere pittance. Go preorder it. Preorder it now. Then buy it for all of your family and friends as Christmas gifts.