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Baylor Football On Pace to Break School Season Ticket Sales Record

Baylor AD Ian McCaw confirms that Baylor Football is on pace to break the 20,000 barrier in season ticket sales, a first for the university.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today, Baylor Athletics hosted a live chat Q&A session online with Athletic Director Ian McCaw. The chat ended up being fairly brief, but a question from Phil in Waco regarding season ticket sales prompted an interesting response from McCaw:

The success of Baylor football under Coach Briles has created demand unlike we have seen during the Big 12 era. Football season ticket sales are ahead of record pace and will surpass 20,000 for the first time. These figures do not include student tickets which will push this number to approximately 30,000 per game. While we have made remarkable progress, we need to keep pushing forward to fill Floyd Casey this year and sellout Baylor Stadium in 2014.

This confirms my own anecdotal evidence that the Bears are enjoying an increase in season ticket sales this year. It seems to me that more and more people have been picking up season tickets this year. I personally am in my second year as a season ticket holder, but this year I added two more tickets to my plan in preparation for 2014. I suspect that many folks are doing the same thing, since priority for seating in Baylor Stadium will be given to those with season tickets in 2013. At any rate, selling more season tickets than ever before is just another exciting development in the continued ascendance of the program. Hopefully we won't be seeing any more empty upper corners in the final year of The Case.

Other topics were covered in the chat session, from nonconference scheduling to expansion into other sports. You can see the entire chat here.

I posted a question regarding Nike Tier 1 and expanded merchandising, hoping to get an answer to whether or not we can expect to see Baylor gear start cropping up in stores outside of the greater Waco area. Sadly, my question went unanswered. I can only assume that McCaw is already hard at work to bring these pants back into major production as a centerpiece of their expanded marketing strategy.

Do you have season tickets? Did you add more to your plan? If you don't have season tickets, what's keeping you from snagging a few?