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#FollowFriday: @CoachArtBriles and the Twitter Guide for Baylor Athletics

The blog for the Tulsa World posted a list this morning of the most-followed CFB coaches in the country, and shamefully, our own Art Briles ranked only 48th on the list. This cannot stand. If nothing else, consider it our sacred duty today to raise that number. I think we can get 6,000, do you?


While we're on the twitter subject, every now and again I get questions about who to follow on twitter for all the important Baylor athletic news. It's true we don't have as many erstwhile sources as some of the larger schools around us, but we do have several twitter accounts that deserve your attention, should you choose to give it. Let's take a look.

Official Baylor accounts:

@Baylor -- the official account for the University
@BaylorProud -- quasi-official blog for the Baylor community
@BaylorAthletics -- the official account for the Athletic Department
@BUFootball -- Baylor Football
@BaylorMBB -- Wish they'd standardize football like this
@BaylorWBB -- See? It just works.
@BaylorBaseball -- I'm saying.
@BaylorVBall -- Volleyball knows the twitter score.
@BaylorSoftball -- Having a hard time figuring out why football is so rebellious.
@BaylorMGolf -- Men's golf.
@BaylorWGolf -- Women's golf.
@BaylorMTennis -- Men's tennis.
@BaylorWTennis -- Women's tennis.
@BaylorFutbol -- Soccer (women's, not club)
@BaylorEQ -- Equestrian
@BaylorTrack -- The last of the Baylor____ accounts.
@BaylorSESP -- People who make the recap videos and web presence of Baylor Athletics.
@BU_Iron_Bear -- Kaz's strength and conditioning staff
@SicEmCompliance -- Baylor's compliance office for the AD

Baylor Coaches/Personnel:

@CoachArtBriles -- Our coach, Art Briles.
@Baylor_DLine -- Chris Achuff
@BUDrew -- Very inspirational, and yes, it's him.
@KimMulkey -- She's got this on lock.
@CoachMills -- MBB assistant.
@BaylorCoachMac -- MBB assistant.
@BUMoore -- Softball coach.
@BUCoach34 -- Steve Smith, baseball coach.
@CoachJTang -- MBB assistant.
@JoeyScrivano -- Baylor tennis
@HeathNeilsen -- Associate AD. Responsible for Athletic Communications.

Miscellaneous "Official" Accounts:

@BaylorAlumAssoc -- Baylor alumni association, not directly related to athletics
@VoiceofBears -- John Morris
@BaylorLine -- not sure if this is affiliated with the University or not.
@BaylorStadium -- pretty sure this one isn't, but it's worth listing.
@BULariat -- this could go in the next category
@JeffEquipBU -- Director of Equipment Services for Baylor Football

Recruiting Sites/People:

@SicEmSports -- Baylor Rivals (Jake Shaw)
@ScoutBaylor -- Baylor Scout
@BaylorFoxSports -- Baylor Scout (probably should use this one)
@Baylor247 -- Baylor 247Sports
@TruthorBear247 -- Brian Ethridge (Baylor 247)
@Bears_Truth_Com -- Colt Barber (Baylor 247)
@BearsTruth247 -- Ashley Hodge (Baylor 247)


@ViewfromHill -- Jerry Hill (Author of Baylor Insider)
@JohnWernerTrib -- John Werner (Waco Trib)
@CBSSportsbaylor -- CBS Sports' Baylor hub

Conference Stuff:

@Big12Conference -- official account for the Big 12
@DavidUbben -- ESPN Big 12 blogger
@ESPN_Big12 -- ESPN Big 12 blog

Baylor Athletes:


@RGIII -- Robert Griffin III
@PierreJackson55 -- Pierre Jackson
@TerranceWill2 -- Terrance Williams
@LennySampson3 -- Lanear Sampson
@QMillerTime -- Quincy Miller
@SaLubanize21 -- Jarred Salubi
@LDLoyalty24 -- LaceDarius Dunn
@AntJones41 -- Anthony Jones
@WeAlmostFlo -- Nick Florence
@MamaDeezy15 -- Mamadou Diene
@QuincyAcy -- Quincy Acy
@EkpeUdoh -- Ekpe Udoh
@PerryJones1 -- Perry Jones III
@RepChrist24 -- Terrance Ganaway
@PhilTaylor98 -- Phil Taylor
@I_Williams4 -- Ike Williams
@OG_FreddyE3 -- Fred Ellis
@YungCoff -- Elliot Coffey
@IWade78 -- Ivory Wade
@NickJB90 -- Nicholas Jean-Baptiste


@IsaiahAustin -- Isaiah Austin
@LBoogie_5 -- L.J. Rose
@BradyHeslip -- Brady Heslip
@BrittneyGriner -- Brittney Griner
@DeuceBello -- Deuce Bello
@CoryJay34 -- Cory Jefferson
@Lucky_Lefty0 -- Odyssey Sims
@NS_iHoop35 -- Jonathan Motley


@B_Petty14 -- Bryce Petty
@5hark_Lee -- Jay Lee
@MrBU_5IX -- Ahmad Dixon
@BU25_2Live -- Lache Seastrunk
@KJMorton478 -- K.J. Morton
@LeviNorwood -- Levi Norwood
@MostWanted5hark -- JeMarcus Johnson
@JNaj18 -- Jordan Najvar
@RobbieRhodes3 -- Robbie Rhodes
@T_Baker75 -- Troy Baker
@JohnnyJeff05 -- Johnny Jefferson
@Drango58 -- Spencer Drango
@Taion_BU -- Taion Sells
@PA2BU -- Shawn Oakman
@JoshBenenoch -- Josh Benenoch
@LynxGunner -- Lynx Hawthorne
@UNOFulks -- Kyle Fulks
@FlyGuyNance -- Brian Nance
@itsQuann -- Quan Jones
@MoneyMaker_Myke -- Shamycheal Chatman
@BrodyT15 -- Brody Trahan

2014/2015 Commits:

@ChrisPlatt14 -- Chris Platt
@Yung_Julio9 -- Davion Hall
@Josh_Point_0hh -- Josh Pelzel
@TerenceJay22 -- Terence Williams
@Lil_RG_ChadPres -- Chad President

When I come back to update the athletes, I'll also include links to each profile so you can just click and follow. Until then, you can google the @name or put it into the search in twitter to find each one. As always, if you find one I missed, let me know!