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Friday Afternoon Video: Following in Briles' Footsteps

I mean, I really had no choice this week after yesterday's breaking news...

Kevin C. Cox

I'm not going to lie. I was going to post a commercial with dancing babies for this week's FAV. I've got a toddler who likes to dance, so I'm a sucker for that sort of thing right now.

But then news broke yesterday that not only did Art Briles play music at practices,, just read:

The order of the music changes for every practice. But one constant is a booming, loud soundtrack. Briles is a ringleader as he sometimes raps along with Young Jeezy's "Everythang," which has become Baylor's unofficial team anthem.

That's right. Not only is Art Briles better at coaching football than you, he's more skreet than you are, too. So, in honor of Art Briles love of Young Jeezy (or at least realizing that a 'Young Cheesy" is not a kids plate at IHOP) AND in honor of Baylor's unveiling of it's black uniforms yesterday, I give you my favorite Young Jeezy song.