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Friday Afternoon Video: New Cold War Kids

New music from one of the most recognizable voices in the current Indie rock landscape.

Cold War Kids Album Cover :  Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Cold War Kids Album Cover : Dear Miss Lonelyhearts

I didn't foray into the Indie Rock genre until after college, but the Cold War Kids are one of the bands that make me happy that I did. Their 2010 album Mine is Yours was one of my favorite albums to write to that year, which means it's one of those albums to which I have listened way too many times.

Since then, Cold War Kids have added guitarist Dann Galluci, formerly of Modest Mouse, to their band and seem to have a bit of a different outlook on life that lead to the lyrical tone for Mine is Yours. You can check out an interview with lead singer Nathan Gillett here.

It almost sounds happier than the last record, especially from the get-go with “Miracle Mile”. Was that a conscious choice?

I guess in a way, yeah. I feel like it’s in some ways easier to write more kind of minor chord songs or songs that are more kind of dour. I think that’s probably more instinctual for us, and less to write more uplifting songs. So, yeah, I think were were happy when “Miracle Mile” was kind of happening. We were like, “Yeah, this is a good kind of flavor for the record,” and we’re really happy we could add to it.

If you'd like to hear more, Huffington Post lets you listen to their entire new album here.