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2013 NCAA Tournament: March Madness has officially begun!

Over the next few days, I'll put together a pick 'em for the denizens of ODB to compete against each other in their bracketing prowess. Until then, check out SB Nation's resources so you have the upper hand on everyone you know.

Well, Baylor didn't make the bracket and we're all upset. It's yet to be seen if this will mean changes, big or small, in our coaching staff or the way we do business in Waco. I tend to believe it will, if only slightly.

But Baylor's absence doesn't mean you can't enjoy what will no doubt turn out to be yet another exciting month of college basketball and one of the best sporting events of the year. March Madness, as mad as it can be without our Bears, began officially tonight with the release of the 2013 brackets, and SB Nation has you covered start to finish.

First thing's first, I've put the March Madness Supergroup on the front page and will keep it there regardless of Baylor's participation in the NIT. That hub will carry all of SB Nation's content related to the 2013 Tournament.

Secondly, we've got printable brackets available, and you can choose between one that is blank for you to fill out or one that already has a bit of bracketwork already done. I plan on filling out and posting my own bracket for all to see but be forewarned, like many things, I'm not very good at this. And in a year where anything can happen, that effort may end up looking very bad, indeed.

Thirdly, since I've gotten a few questions, here's the full seeded list. It's still fairly incredible to me that they are able to do this with conference champions interspersed throughout, especially when those champions are from conferences where the teams wouldn't make the Tournament any other way.

Finally, whatever news happens with the NIT, I'll make sure to post everything relevant here about your Baylor Bears. Fear not about the NCAA Tournament taking over this blog; we are and always will be devoted to coverage of Baylor Athletics first and foremost.