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OurDailyPodcast Episode 28: Wheels OFF

Home in time for Christmas, Mark, Peter, Matt, Fankhauser, and Amy P. are here to entertain you. Or ruin your image of all of us forever.

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It's a bit later than expected, but unforeseen technical difficulties prevented posting earlier. Anyway, Mark, Amy, Fank, Matt, and I let things completely fall apart and talk about whatever. I hope you find it fun. It was fun to record, but like the title suggests, it's totally wheels off. Here are some of the topics that we discuss:

  • JUCO Signings
  • Christmas Shopping
  • Hypothetical Matchups between Baylor and Alabama
  • Christmas Day Traditions
  • Favorite Christmas Movies
  • To run over the can or not to run over the can?
  • Anatomy pronunciation guide
  • Picks of the bowls
  • The Origins of Nick Pants' "last name"
  • More things too, but like the podcast, these show notes are wheels off.

Enjoy it.

Show Announcement

In more serious realms, Mattisbear got the chance to talk with Matt Sayman, author of The Leftovers. I haven't had the chance to listen to it just yet, but I imagine that it will be very good. We'll plan on a day after Christmas release for that, so get excited and be sure to tune in.