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Bowl Season Day 1 Open Thread

Football returns today in the form of sponsored exhibitions pitting teams you'd probably never see play otherwise! What a great time to be alive!

He looks so much like David Carr, it's scary.
He looks so much like David Carr, it's scary.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

We've got playoffs (FCS, of course), bowls, more playoffs, even a little HS football to talk about. Let's get this party started.

College football weekend TV schedule: Bowl season begins and playoffs continue -
Five levels of college football have postseason games for you to enjoy this weekend, including three national championships. Did you know there are five levels of college football?

There is your complete listing of what's going down in the world of CFB today. We can also keep this thread open for whatever else you want to talk about. I'm down in Houston this weekend for a wedding, so that's why I haven't been around much. I'm very glad to see that the troubles from yesterday have gone by the wayside. I also promise that we'll get right back into the real swing of things next week in preparation for Baylor's big game on 1/1 against the Central Florida Knights in the 2014 Fiesta Bowl!

Also, check this out:

Cyril Richardson
Contrary to popular belief, Baylor's prolific, point-a-minute attack begins and ends on the ground, where the Bears logged more carries for more yards on more yards percarry than any offense in the Big 12. (For the Baylor skeptics in the house, note that the trend holds when we limit the question to conference games only, or to games against opponents with winning records.) Richardson is already a consensus All-American, making him the the first Baylor offensive lineman to earn that distinctionsince 1956; wherever he comes off the board in April, he'll be the sixth Baylor OL drafted since 2009, matching the number over the previous 25 years combined.

That's from Matt Hinton's latest piece on FootballStudyHall naming the FSH All-Americans. Antwan Goodley makes an appearance, as well.

2013 Football Study Hall All-America Team - Football Study Hall
A full roster of the best players in college football, as informed by advanced statistics

I might put this on the front page, I like it so much.


Use the group number at the end to find our group.  Password: "PettyforHe1sm4n" without the quotes.

We already missed one game, WSU vs. CSU, so get the rest in as quickly as you can!