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Halftime: Oklahoma State 14, Baylor 3

This post looks a lot different after the last drive of the first half than it otherwise would. After a half mostly dominated by Oklahoma State, we finally got on the board.

Ronald Martinez

There's not much positive that I can tell you right now.  Oklahoma State outgained us by 100 yards in the half and leads by 11.  They're getting the ball after the half.  Clint Chelf basically played the game of his life in one half, going 12/13 for 238 yards and a TD on a defense that actually didn't seem to be playing all that poorly.  He was just that good.

Obviously, I'm not comfortable with where things are right now down 14-3.  Nobody is.  It wouldn't make sense to be.  That said, 11 points is hardly insurmountable for this offense, should the defense be able to get them the ball.  The first drive of the second half will tell us a lot about where this team is and where it will be going.  Will the defense respond to our halftime adjustments and help Chelf regress to the mean, or will OSU continue looking like the better team?  We'll see.

Regardless how it turns out, I think we'll look back at this first half as one of those games where one seemingly insignificant thing changes the entire game.  When Bryce Petty slipped at the 1 on what looked like an easy TD, just about everybody expected we'd still score, regardless.  Then Rashodrick Linwood fumbled two plays later and we ended up with nothing.  Change that and you change everything.

Oh well, no point to talking about what might have been.  The second half awaits.

Team Stat Comparison

1st Downs 9 11
3rd down efficiency
3-9 3-7
4th down efficiency
0-0 0-1
Total Yards 174 276
Passing 120 238
11-21 12-13
Yards per pass
5.7 18.3
Rushing 54 38
Rushing Attempts
17 23
Yards per rush
3.2 1.7
Penalties 1-5 4-30
Turnovers 1 0
Fumbles lost
1 0
Interceptions thrown
0 0
Possession 12:09 17:51