Game Day Sign Ideas

If you hadn't heard, sEcSPN's flagship college program, Game Day, will be attending a Big XII game between some team named Baylor and the Fightin' Aggies of Oklahoma A&M. Depending on the BCS standings that will be out in about two hours, this very well could be the second top ten Baylor-Team From That State Up North match-up this season.

Game Day is known for bringing out the best of the "Paint on poster board" medium on national television. Since the game will be in The State Up North, there will be a huge majority of fans decked out in The Uglier Orange.

This is where you come in, ODBers. Through our collective Baylor love, we will come up with some AMAZEBALLS signs to be displayed at Game Day!

Get TURNT and get ready to see Lee Corso don a Bruiser head, Herbie force his way through saying "Baylor" multiple times, and Bryce Petty and the Heartbreakers get their first victory in Stillwater!

Some other ideas are here: Baylor Fans Thread

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