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Matt Does Twitter Ep. 1

I have a little bit of a Twitter addiction, and I also really like to talk trash. I thought it would be fun to go find some fans from the opposing team and try to make them mad. All in good fun.

The struggle is real.
The struggle is real.

We will see how this process evolves, but as of right now, it consists of a simple twitter search for fun, game-related phrases... and then trying to illicit as much hate as possible.

I don't even know what to think about this exchange between WVU fans... the kool-aid is moonshine-strong out east.

Some other dedicated Baylor trolls fans joined me.

We are afraid of Clint Trickett.

Twitter Assignment

Every week I will TRY to give ODBers a Twitter assignment. I take no responsibility for the almost assured ban/report you will receive if you follow my directions. You are not required to complete this assignment, but you wear maroon if you don't.

I love my wife, and she is a great Bear, but we need to kick her into a higher gear.

This week, go follow Ashley (@ABrenste) , and tell her to do two (2) the following three (3) things:

  1. Change her Twitter username to @ashisbear or @ashleyisbear
  2. Make cinnamon rolls
  3. Admit to that she likes to hold her dog(s) like a toddler.

Remember: To win the imaginary respect points, you have to include 2/3 requests.

Have fun in the comments section.