The Saturday Wrap-Up



Whew! What a game. It wasn't a pretty win but our boys in Green and Gold toughed out a much needed win to keep us alive in the narrowing Big 12 Championship race. Let's tour around the other SB Nation Big 12 blogs to see how the other fanbases are faring today.

The editors at Rock Chalk Jayhawk didn't have the heart to write an official wrap-up after a disheartening loss to the froggies, but a Jayhawk reader stepped up to the plate with a fanpost recap.

Over at Frogs O' War they are a little dour despite their win over the 'hawks, wanting more consistency and less mistakes from their offense.

The 'clones fans at Wide Right and Natty Light are understandably depressed dropping their 4th game this season and allowing "245 yards on the ground to the worst rushing team in the conference."

Viva the Matadors briefly cover the good and the bad in their post game thread after beating the 'clones in a close game.

If you'd like to see a good dumpster fire, check out the Crimson and Cream Machine post game thread.

Burnt Orange Nation is quite high on their horns after dismantling the Sooners in the Red River Rivalry. They are still perfect in conference play and are starting to believe they can win the conference.

Bring on the Cats are very proud of their team's heroic effort against Baylor today, but still see a lot of problems that need fixing.

The 'pokes and 'eers did not play today, because they already did a few weeks ago, duh! So there is nothing for them to wrap-up.

Enjoy this win ODBerianites. Revel in the fact that yesteryears' Baylor would have lost that game. This is team on a mission and will fight to the end!

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Sic Em Bears!

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