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Baylor won the Holiday Bowl 49-19

The picture above is a still from the last play of the game, when Jim Mora decided to double down on what my dad would call "chickenshit" and throw for the endzone as time expired. Why the timeout Baylor requested was not granted and this play reviewed, as all scoring plays are supposed to be, is beyond me.

Please pardon the language above, I'm simply reporting what he would have rightfully called this decision. And no, before you even start, I don't think it was unsportsmanlike, inappropriate, or petty for Briles to try to challenge the play. If the runner didn't score, he didn't score. Looking back now, though, I wish we hadn't taken our foot off the gas with basically an entire quarter to go. Sixty points was clearly within reach, and if Mora was going to do things crap like this, he deserved it.

So, in light of the picture above, every time I post about the 2012 Holiday Bowl, I will do so with 49-19 as the actual final score of the game.

(8-5, 4-5) RV/NR/NR
14 21 7 7 49
0 10 3 6 19

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San Diego, Calif. • Attendance: 55,507

(9-5, 6-3) #17/19/17