Baylor Football 2013 Resolutions

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1) Become more ruthless on offense.

No more of the "prevent offense" like we saw in the game against Oklahoma State this year, the games against K-State and TCU in 2011, and the game against A&M in 2010. In each of those games we took our foot off the gas and lost two of them, while barely beating TCU in 2011 and Oklahoma State this year (only by the grace of our sweet Lord Baby Jesus). We have immense offensive talent and a coaching staff to match. No more relying on our defense to come up with a stop in key situations, its been proven over the last three years that the defense relies on the offense to score at will. No more being satisfied with three-and-outs regardless of how big our lead may be. I think Briles is slowly figuring that out and that gives me hope that they will take steps to try and achieve this objective in 2013.

2) Get better on defense.

It's comical, I know. Something we say every year but then it comes down to actually doing something about it and it turns out like the conversation I have with myself every January:

Me: I’m gonna get in shape this year and drop a few extra pounds!

My subconscious: I got 4 years worth of Keystone Light, Vitek’s, and Penland Clyde’s breakfast sandwiches that says you aren’t.


There might be something wrong with me. Anyways, I'm hoping in his 3rd year that Bennett and his unit will figure it out and maybe, just MAYBE, we'll get a top 75 defense this year. My God, can you imagine? Our prolific offense with a top 75 defense? Hell, that's at least a Big 12 championship right there, perhaps even a chance at the National Championship! Maybe I am losing it...

3) Find a home for Ahmad Dixon.

Is he a safety or a linebacker or both? With Brian Nance and our other 4* LBs coming in, and with how well Lackey and Hager played this past year, I'm in favor of Dixon moving to safety and benching Holl. Not just benching him, but also taking his helmet away and maybe even chaining him to the communications trunk until the last five games of the season when he actually starts playing somewhat decently. Lackey has terrific coverage ability and is a ball-hawk and I think he could certainly fill the nickelback spot. With Dixon in the secondary I'm comfortable with the potential mismatch of a pass-catching TE or a speedy RB on Lackey, and even then I don't think it's that much of a mismatch given Lackey's athletic ability. However, by the same token Dixon as a linebacker creates a mismatch every play for the opposing offense, except that all they had to do this past year was throw it at Chance Casey (sometimes that 4 year limit is truly a blessing). Ultimately, I'm just trying to figure out the best way for Dixon to be an every down play maker so that he gets the recognition he deserves from NFL scouts. Hopefully he breaks out nationally this year.

4) Put together something that at least resembles a special teams unit.

I like Levi Norwood returning kicks, but other than that our special teams units are a joke. I find myself constantly wondering if Art Briles and his staff even know what special teams are. Maybe @TinyArtBriles is right and the real Coach Briles has an unquenchable thirst/love for pooch kicks. I don't know. But we need a real kicker, a real coverage unit (both kickoffs and punts), and better return blockers. To prove how bad our special times are, Tiny Art Briles everyone:

@TinyArtBriles: I get an extra $10,000 each time we make a field goal...we're calling it the "Miracles Clause" #BrilesContractExtensionTerms

5) Make the last year at Floyd Casey Stadium a special one.

We have great potential every single year, but for this upcoming season the Big 12 is going to be wide open and the possibility for the Bears to jump out and take the conference championship is not that farfetched. TCU and OSU are the top two teams heading in to the 2013 season, but after them its not so clear. What better way to say farewell to our beloved off-campus stadium than another undefeated home record and a Big 12 Championship? Its not such a crazy thought anymore my fellow Bears fans. I want to open the 2014 season at the new Baylor Stadium as the reigning Big 12 champs and I want the Brazos to look like Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, full of sail-gaters and unruly (but respectful) fans. SIC 'EM!

Anyways, those are my resolutions for the Bears. Let me know what y'all think.

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