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Daily Bears Report 01.10.2013


Not much out there on the Baylor sports front today, and the next events are all on Saturday-Baylor Track and Field at the A&M Invitational, Men's Tennis at Hawaii and Men's Basketball vs.TCU here at Baylor.

The Lady Bears dismantled the 25th ranked Iowa State Cyclones last night, beating them 67-39 for their record 25th straight Big 12 win. Nae-Nae Hayden had her first career double-double (10 pts, 10 assists), and Brittney Griner, Brooklyn Pope, and Destiny Williams all joined Hayden with points in the double figures. The Lady Bears face Kansas next, in Lawrence, on January 13th.

An interesting story on the last time Robert Griffin III tore his ACL has parallels to his current situation. The reason he may have been so loathe to come out of last Sunday's game possibly has ties to the fact that he threw three touchdown passes with an injured knee his sophomore year against Northwestern. Honestly, I'm surprised that the Facebook group from that year hasn't re-activated: "I'd give RG3 my ACL."

Baylor walk-on receiver Vince Sanders plans to transfer to UNT, citing lack of playing time. Good luck, Vince!

SBNation College Football's Steven Muma wonders if there might be a flaw in the brick-buying fundraiser for the new Baylor Stadium, which is nice, because it's talking about the new Baylor Stadium. It's going to be fantastic, y'all.

GIF TOURNAMENT III: WEST REGION voting will be going live in just a bit! Waste a bit of that work-day looking at hilarious moving pictures! You know you want to!