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SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 2 Ballot


Now that the dust has settled on Week 2 in college football, it's time once again for the Blog Poll, SBN's answer to the ridiculousness of the AP and Coaches' polls. Last week was the first time ODB has ever submitted a poll so we did things a little differently than we will going forward. This week, I took the four ballot I received (mine, thermhere's, Prashanth's, and Brandon's) and averaged them with equal weight. A first vote counted as 25 points, a second 24, and so on. If you didn't make a ballot, you didn't get any points at all.

Arkansas' big loss to ULM last night not only dropped it out of the top ten, it actually kicked it out of the poll entirely. Our voters were not impressed with the Razorback's performance or their potential for the future with Tyler Wilson on the shelf for 3-4 weeks. Michigan State benefited most from that fall, leapfrogging Clemson from 11 to 9 in the rankings.

Several Big XII schools made big moves into and in the teens, with Kansas State making the biggest jump of all largely because of my vote in their favor. Fellow Big XIIer OSU joined Arkansas in the fall from the rankings after their loss to the Arizona Wildcats. Wisconsin also fell out after a dismal offensive performance against Oregon State.

Remember, these rankings are not the individual feelings of any one voter from ODB. This ballot does not match exactly any of the four I used to make it. If you disagree strongly, we've got about 36 hours to make it right, so give me an argument and we'll see what happens! Also, if you want and feel qualified to participate in this ballot on a weekly basis (which means you can get me your ballot on Sunday evening), let me know.

Once again, I encourage the individual voters to give their thoughts/justifications in the comments below.