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ODB is recruiting!


That picture, courtesy of @JohnJayMJr, should tell you everything. As part of my ceaseless efforts to grow this blog and its attenuate community, ODB is recruiting. I'm looking for a few passionate Baylor fans interested in writing for the blog on subjects they're passionate about. Recently, I've had the great pleasure of introducing you to several new contributors, including Kate M., Colby, Brandon, all of whom have brought excitement and a unique perspective to the ODB community. We've also announced the creation of the first ODB podcast, something I'm extremely excited about doing. I hope to continue adding people and features so we can build the best Baylor blog on the web.

I want to leave this invitation as open-ended as possible while also saying that I am particularly interested in shoring up the following areas:

-- Graphics. In case you didn't see the excellent A&M vs. Florida preview from SBNation's new Texas A&M blog the first few times I posted/tweeted it, take a look now. That's incredible work. It's eye-catching, creative, and fun. With the coming updates to the SBNation platform (that I'll tell you more about in good time), that type of content will be more important, and easier to utilize/highlight, than ever before. My problem is that though I have some experience with photoshop and graphic design from eons ago (by eons, I mean around 2005), I am not nearly talented enough to pull that kind of thing off. If you are now or are interested in trying to become, let's talk.
-- Recruiting. I am and always will be a huge fan of all of Baylor's subscription-based sites. The role they fill in the recruiting world is necessary and they have my unconditional support. That said, there is another niche open on the free side of things, where interested and knowledgeable fans can share information they glean from highlight film, personal observation, etc. about recruits. We can do that here. I want to do that here.
-- Basketball. Since Tim Watkins' departure for Baylor Scout, we've had a hole in terms of primary coverage for basketball. I freely admit that I don't know all that much about the sport in general. I can supply information I find from other places, but my acumen just isn't there. There are Baylor fans out there that know far more than I do and can present their expertise logically and coherently. I want to find them and give them a place to shine.

Those are the three areas where I think a need exists that ODB can capitalize going forward. I want you to be a part of that effort if you want to be. Therefore, if you have any questions or want to talk further about this, please email me at and we can talk through whatever you wish.

You don't have to be a professional journalist-- I think it's clear that I am not. You don't have to be in J-school or looking to break into the business. If you are and do, that's great, hopefully we can help, but it's not necessary. You don't have to be anything but a Baylor fan looking for an outlet for your fandom.