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Daily Bears Report 09.06.2012


There's not much out there right now, mostly because the Bears are off this week.

The Dallas Morning News has a blurb on David Ubben's power rankings, noting that he placed Baylor over TCU. I'm not sure why this merited a blurb, but there you go. published a story on Nick Florence that originally ran in the gameday program, and that opens with what might possibly be the most "Baylor" sentence ever. The Waco Tribune has a story on Baylor's defense and their new "3-4" alignment, and how Coach Phil Bennett will use this as another weapon in his defensive arsenal.

Pierre Jackson showed one more reason to root for Baylor Basketball when he gave shoes to a young man he encountered in a Waco-area shoe store.

Robert Griffin III is 36 hours or a thesis away from his Masters in Communication Studies, and that thesis might be something that helps him improve in football. The Lariat has an interesting story about RG3's idea and potential graduate project.

Finally, in case you missed it, Our Daily Bears will have a podcast!