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Baylor Line Report

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That guy with the sweet socks and sunglasses holding his hat in the front. Yea that's me.via <a href=""></a>
That guy with the sweet socks and sunglasses holding his hat in the front. Yea that's me.via

So that whole running the Baylor Line thing, that was awesome. If there was any doubt about whether or not the freshmen class was excited for their first chance to run the line, I think we can put those doubts to rest now. I couldn’t really tell the size of the Line, because I was sprinting out ahead of everyone (Sso in a sense I led everyone out on the field. From what I’ve heard, the size and enthusiasm of the Baylor Line lived up to the expectations of the largest class in Baylor history. From what I gathered, the consensus is that everyone can’t wait to do it again. It’s just a shame we all have to wait another week for it. Hit the jump for more details about the Line on Sunday.

The entire experience of running in the Baylor Line was awesome. Honestly, it reminded me of my days of playing 5A Texas football. They crammed all of us behind gate 8, and wouldn’t let us go until given the OK. As you can imagine, a gate can only hold 3,200 college students for so long. I stood right up against that gate for probably about an hour or so. But, the thing that made it feel like I was about to throw on some pads and get on the field was the non-stop chants and cheers we did as we waited to be released. Of course, there were the Baylor chants that are still ringing in my ears, and I don’t think they’re going anywhere anytime soon, but there were also multiple chants to pump everyone up for the game. Some of the chants included the "We believe that we will win" cheer, a "we ready" chant, and countless "let us out" chants. It may have been the size, the rowdiness, or the combination of having that many students in a crammed space that were so rowdy, but the people who walked near us seemed impressed, and a little intimidated. SMU fans kept their distance, as I’m sure they didn’t want to be attacked by 3,200 Baylor freshmen, and even the Chamber students trying to subdue some of the gate rocking appeared intimidated.

Everyone that took part in the line definitely did his or her part. I saw people that went all out in the stands that included, but certainly was not limited to, sombreros, green and gold luchador masks, face paint, full body paint, and all green morph suits. When they finally opened the gate it was like the running of the bulls in Spain. I’ve never been, but I know if anyone was wearing red in front of us they were going to be trampled. Those in charge of trying to keep the Baylor Line, well, in line, really had limited control. So many people were pushing to get out that it was hard to stop. When we finally got on the field I was happy to see that we stretched form the end zone to all the way up the tunnel. As you’ll note in the picture, I ended up in the front on the back of the end zone. I don’t know whose idea it was to link arms and sway back and forth, but man it looked cool.

When they let us go I took off like it was track season all over again, and when I looked around about 40 yards in I noticed no one was in front or beside me and that was an awesome feeling. For those rooting for me to trip, it did not happen. I was unable to see what all transpired behind me, but I do know of a few that tripped, some that tried to go back and pick something up they dropped, one that hurdled someone to avoid trampling them, and another that planked on the 50 yard line. I was unable to see the broadcast of the game, but I hope they showed us entering the field in its entirety.

Greeting the players on the field was also a really cool experience. They really had the fog machine going for everyone to enter the field, and when the players emerged with those sweet black uniforms everyone went crazy. Or, well, kept going crazy I guess. Everyone in the line remained loud throughout the game, and I like to think caused Garrett Gilbert to take a timeout or two. Although the Baylor Line section thinned out as the game drew on, I guess I’ll give everyone a pass due to the heat. All in all, though, the whole running the Line thing was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again against Sam Houston State and keep this home winning streak going.