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Baylor Bears Game Day: Nobody


*Every Tuesday morning during this season, I will post as much background information as I can about that week's matchup as kind of a "one-stop-shop." That way, whenever anyone has a question about tickets, TV coverage, etc. they can come back to the Tuesday morning thread for all the info they need. This post is a preview for how those will look going forward. I'll tune up the format.

That's right, Baylor fans, your 2012 Bears take on the dastardly foe of complacency this week as their task will be to Beat Off! Now, first thing's first, I strongly suggest that you stick to ODB for all of your coverage of Baylor's matchup with Off this week. You do not want "How to Beat Off?" appearing in your search history on a work computer. The Baylor Alumni Association needs the support of gainfully employed members.

Let's take a closer look at this week's opponent, which is also known as "BYE."

Game Day Vitals

  • Baylor (1-0) vs. Off (Undefined)
  • Date (Unknown), Kickoff Time (Unknown)
  • Television Information (For the sake of all involved, this particular matchup will not be televised).
  • Tickets (Nobody wants to see that)

Opponent Information

  • Opponent Profile (I've got nothing)
  • Season to Date (defeated A&M resoundingly on short notice)
  • Last Week Result (See above)
  • Opponent SBN Blog (I don't even know how that would work)
  • Other opponent coverage (Starting to think this was pointless)

There you have it. This week's foe, Off, defeated Texas A&M in a surprise matchup this past week after the Aggies' game against Louisiana Tech was postponed due to impending natural disaster. Off triumphed over the Aggies due in part to A&M's unfamiliarity with the concept. The fact that Aggie fans everywhere spent all weekend moaning about the postponement didn't help. I guess the Aggies just ran out of time in trying to Beat Off.

As far as opponent coverage, I can't really help you. And, once again, do not google how to Beat Off. Just ... just think about the SMU game a little more until we start up the riveting coverage of the Sam Houston State Bearkats next week.