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SB Nation Blog Poll: ODB Week 4 Ballot

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Another week, another opportunity for SB Nation's community of blogs to prove we know college football better than the writers too biased to think objectively and the coaches too busy to actually watch the games.

Just like last week, I had the valuable assistance of a cadre of observers who spent their weekend much as I did: in front of a TV devouring college football like a starving man on a Christmas ham. This ballot, like those before it, is the amalgamation of four individual ballots. I think we got a little hairy in the later picks (basically 20-25), but it's almost unavoidable as previously-unbeaten teams are no longer so and teams with a loss earn their way back in. For the most part, we agreed on the top end of the rankings, though there was some question whether Oregon had done enough to earn the second spot. In the end, I decided that although Oregon's win was extremely impressive, FSU's was even more so considering the relative strength of their opponents.

Predictably, the largest riser in the ballot was Kansas State, whose victory over OU in Norman was probably the most impressive game of the weekend. Oklahoma fell reciprocally. Clemson's loss also drove them down the rankings somewhat. The winning team with the furthest fall was Ohio State. Their scare at the hands of the Blazers from Birmingham cost them in our eyes. I didn't like it, but Texas picked up a few spots in the rankings as teams before them fell.

In Baylor's case, I truly believe that a victory over ULM in Monroe is worth more credit than people are probably wiling to give, regardless of the final margin. That was a good team Baylor beat Friday night, and with the way they played, many a BCS school would have lost that game. Yes, we have serious problems on defense that need to be corrected, but we have an experienced staff that has been successful before and will be again. I have faith in Bennett's abilities the same way I do Briles'.