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Monday Morning Notes: WVU Week Schedule

Everything I plan to do in Week 5 of CFB to prepare for Baylor's Big XII opener.

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We're back on a normal schedule this week (though our football team probably isn't because of the extra day) in preparation for WVU. This post is just a heads-up about what we have on tap in terms of dedicated features. Just like last week, everything not directly related to WVU will still happen normally. This schedule is not complete.

  • Today, Monday, we'll wrap up Friday night's game with the Grades Report and a statistical postmortem that may evolve into an early look at the Mountaineers. This week's Blog Poll ballot will also go up later in the morning.
  • Tuesday, I'll post the Game Day for WVU. This one should have quite a bit more information than those past because WVU actually has a SB Nation site (The Smoking Musket) with numerous excellent authors/contributors. We also have a much larger sample size to draw from than in the past. I also plan to highlight WVU's playmakers so we at least know who is torching our defense. This will begin the preparation for WVU in earnest.
  • Wednesday, I'll post the WVU preview, probably in two parts once again because I liked how that worked last week. The prediction thread will probably be separate now, since I think people need more time to digest. I'll probably put that on...
  • Thursday, the eve of the eve of this week's game. This is where I plan to move the prediction thread this week just to see how it goes. Also, we'll probably have more information from the national side to help us break down Saturday's game. If I can arrange a Q&A for the game, it will probably go here.
  • Friday is the day for which I don't have many ideas this week. We might focus on recruiting that day for a change of pace or just keep plowing into WVU on Saturday. I'll play that one by ear.

Let me know if there's anything else you'd like to see that hasn't been getting done and I'll see what we can do!