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Quick Recruiting Update-- LB Brian Nance

Though he didn't make it initially, Brian Nance has never wavered in his determination to become a Baylor Bear.

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

You may notice an addition to the recruiting sidebar on the left-hand side, and if you didn't even know there was such a thing, now you do. caught up with Brian Nance today and confirmed that the Hargrave LB still intends to be at Baylor after the JUCO term ends in December and will come up with 4 years to play 4. The only negative I see about this is that I can get 50,000 more questions about Brian Nance.

With the news that he is still committed to being a Baylor Bear, 247Sports added Nance to our commitment list for the 2013 class, even though his scholarship will technically be backdated as if he simply redshirted, moving us up 18th in the country according to their team rankings and 19th by their "composite" rankings of other sites. We are also still firmly second in the Big XII by their formulations. Most of the Nance "bump" comes from the fact that 247Sports ranks him as the second overall JUCO player in the 2013 class and the first linebacker.

When he gets here, I could see Nance, who is now listed at 6-3, 245, used as either a rush LB from a standing position or a true defensive end. He was skilled in high school covering TEs and RBs out of the backfield, I just don't know how agile he'll be with the added weight. If Baylor decided he would be used best as a DE, I could see him tacking on additional weight to his frame without losing significant speed (4.6 in the 40 right now). Think of a more talented Terrance Lloyd the moment he gets here. Could be a great part of a DE rotation next year that looks to include 5* Javonte Magee, 4* Shawn Oakman, and perhaps a recruit or two from this class playing early.