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Daily Bears Report 09.20.2012


It's Day-Before-Game-Day!

Tomorrow's 7:00 PM game against ULM has been tabbed by OpposingViews as one of the best games of week 4, though ESPN's David Ubben isn't really buying the upset potential, and apparently a lot of people aren't, though CBSSports warns that if the Bears let ULM stick close there might be something to worry about. Betting lines still favor Baylor by as much as a touchdown, and though I don't think this will be a blowout, I'm fairly sure it won't be by less than 3. has a great look at ULM and what we're likely to see tomorrow night.

TCU's Student Government Assocciation apparently has been in talks with Baylor's own Student Government to name the Baylor-TCU rivalry. Yes, I know that's a link for a TCU site, but I take news where I can find it. In other peripherial-to-football news, Drayton McLane is denying that he gave Baylor "north of $200 million" for the new stadium. Honestly, I'm just glad he gave us the money, and that it was enough to jumpstart the stadium project.

The Baylor Lady Bears will be on ESPN five times this season, a league-high that includes two "Big Monday" contests. Two of those will be played here in Waco (vs Kentucky, vs Tennessee) so that's two times for Courtside to do our best to get on national TV. Well, and two times for Waco and Baylor to turn out to support their national champions.

While we're here, what should they name the apparent rivalry? Too bad TCU's not on the same river as Baylor is...though perhaps there might be something in Brazos v Trinity. If y'all have ideas, leave them in the comments!